Sitopian Economics

Posted by Carolyn on October 14, 2010 at 2:47 pm

What are sitopian economics? I am no economist, so I can’t answer that question precisely. However, if we are to create a better, more equable and sustainable way of life by thinking through food (ie create sitopia) then clearly we are going to need different economic models to those we have at present. Sitopia is about understanding the true value of food and what it represents, so nothing could be more central to its cause. I am therefore always keen to ask economists how they think economics might be changed in order to create a more sitopian world. This usually leads to a lively discussion, from which I emerge with some fuzzy ideas, but nothing concrete. Imagine my delight, therefore, when Niels Peter Hahnemann responded to my challenge by writing his own sitopian economic vision. Niels Peter is married to the famous Danish chef Trine Hahnemann, so theirs is a sitopian family, and I must say that his piece, attached here, captures the essence of sitopia beautifully, and is the most eloquent description of how the messy, shared exchanges of food might translate into a new economic reality that I have read. Niels Peter: thank you!

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