‘Food For Thought’

Posted by Carolyn on June 3, 2008 at 2:51 pm

Not my title, but that of a discussion I facilitated tonight at the Science Museum Dana Centre on the subject of sustainable/ethical food. With the UN Rome summit on the global food crisis taking place on the very same day, it couldn’t  have been more timely – indeed, it was almost too timely, since one of our star speakers, Tim Lang, was detained by Newsnight in another part of the building and only made the debate with minutes to spare.What became clear during the evening was that the food debate, so long a discussion held solely among consenting academics, really has gone public.

What was less clear was precisely what the answers might be to all the VERY BIG questions people are now starting to ask. But there was a consensus of sorts in the room tonight – that, although the way forward may not be clear, it is becoming increasingly obvious that food is an issue we all need to address with extreme urgency – and one that, above all, we need to address together.

UN Rome Summit

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