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Posted by Carolyn on July 1, 2008 at 5:12 pm

More reviews, from David Aaronovitch in The Times and Bonnie Powell in the Financial Times. The former describes Hungry City as ‘ebullient, provocative and irritating’ which pretty much sums up his review – but since he also admits the book’s central argument is ‘vital’ and it is listed as ‘Required Reading’, I am not complaining! Bonnie Powell in the FT finds Hungry City ‘wide-ranging and engaging’ and raises many important issues (as she states on her blog) but thinks there is too much in it! I disagree of course, but perhaps you would prefer to read it and decide for yourself!

The Times Review
The Financial Times Review

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  1. Michael Willoughby Says:

    Hi Carolyn

    Steve McAdam introduced us briefly at the Mile End tour before you gave your brilliant talk. I had to rush off – flat bike tyre in town needed fixing – but regretted it.

    You mentioned that you thought the city needed redesigning to cope with food, or to cope with your vision of food.

    I wondered if you wanted to write a column for our ‘green gurus’ section talking about this topic – and plugging your book of course.

    Let me know if that grabs you.

    best wishes,


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