Posted by Carolyn on July 27, 2009 at 11:56 am

Last week I gave a talk at TEDGlobal, the Oxford-based version of the international ideas conference dubbed the ‘Davos of the Mind’. TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a truly extraordinary phenomenon, bringing together lateral thinkers, movers and shakers from all corners of life, putting them together for a week and seeing what happens. Speakers this year included Alain de Botton, Gordon Brown, Rory Bremner, as well as the director of the world’s biggest fusion reactor, the astrophysicist who proved there is a black hole at the core of our galaxy, and the neuroscientist who has discovered the part of our brain that makes moral judgments. But the amazing thing about TED is that you not only listen to people speak, you get to have dinner with them too – I chatted to all of the above over the course of the week, (apart from GB, who arrived and departed with unTED-like haste). After a week like that, many people apparently experience a TED-Crash, but I must admit I am still on a TED High. It really was the most extraordinary experience. I am still pinching myself.

You can read a summary of my TED talk on the Guardian digi-blog here

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  1. George Says:

    I just read the summary of your TED talk on the Guardian digi-blog. Nice!

    Who are the five multinational corporations with 80% of the global trade in food? The world wants to know!

    ADM? Cargill? …?

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