Food Security – at last!

Posted by Carolyn on August 11, 2009 at 12:34 pm

The publication yesterday by defra of no fewer than four reports on the question of food security in the UK is welcome proof that the government’s long-held complacency over food matters (first indicated by the publication of a series of reports including one of that title last year) is finally at an end. Debate is already raging in the media over a number of issues including GM crops, food waste, and supermarket power (the latter having also been the subject of a Competition Commission recommendation last week that a grocery ombudsman be created). At last, such issues are being given the headline treatment they deserve, as topics of vital national and global importance. One hopes that in the weeks ahead, the debate continues to broaden, rather than (as happened last year after the ‘global food crisis’ supposedly abated) fizzling out. It’s long overdue, but food’s profile is finally where it should be in the political agenda and national consciousness – long may it continue!

You can read more about defra’s reports, as well as take part in an online debate about the UK’s food in 2030 here

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  1. Jennifer Cockrall-King Says:

    Hello Carolyn. First of all, let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed your book! I came across it in my research on the global movement of urban agriculture.

    The link in this post seems to have moved, but I’m really interested in this reports you refer to. Is it the “Plants, Bees and Seeds” report?

    Thanks. Jennifer (from Canada)

  2. Carolyn Says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Delighted that you enjoyed Hungry City! Defra published a report called Food 2030 earlier this year. You can read it here:

    All best,


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