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Posted by Carolyn on October 5, 2009 at 5:25 pm

I’m delighted to say that my TED talk, given at the TEDGlobal conference at Oxford in July, has just gone live. I’m not sure whether I will be able to bear to watch it, but if you are interested, it does present most of the ideas in my book in a very time-saving 15 mins (and 15 seconds):

Carolyn’s TED talk

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  1. Steve Goulet Says:

    I just saw the video on Ted and I immediately recommended it to my wife. She is an artist and some of her work focuses on the relationship between farms and cities:

    Anyway, I can’t wait to read your book!

  2. Sunita Says:

    Carolyn – your talk is indeed wonderful and inspiring.

  3. 18saughtonmains Says:

    A great talk. Thanks!

    The pictures of the soya fields were quite surreal and showed that what shapes the consumers’ environment also shapes the producers’. In that vein, I was excited to see the endpoint of the C17th cattle droves to London and get a glimpse of where the cattle were sold. In Scotland, the physical remains of the drove roads can still be seen, although the social and economic structures have gone.

    BTW I think the Lorenzetti picture that you showed is actually ‘Effects of good governance on the city and countryside’, although I found that through an internet search rather than a trip to Siena!

  4. Martina Nachtsheim Says:

    As member of the board of Demeter in Austria and networking person in the field of organic farming I am really glad to see your TED talk.
    You explain so well that the way we are developing “food industry” is a one way with no good ending.

    People and food have to go on new/old paths so that human and nature can develope well again.

    Thank you for your great talk!

  5. Kendall Kulper Says:

    Hi Carolyn,

    I’m the producer for a New York-based economics radio program called the Hays Advantage, hosted by Kathleen Hays. Next Friday, October 16, we’ll be producing a show focused on food, and I would love if you could participate. Please let me know by email if you might be available next Friday. Thank you!


  6. Julian Blundell Says:

    This is a great talk and echoes a lot of what we are trying to do in the transition towns movement.

    Urban food and power to deal with the peak oil challenge.

    It is a superb talk.


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  9. Julien Custot Says:

    Dear Carolyn Steel,

    You presentation is very interesting and complete. The Food and Agriculture Organization is working on the issue of the food in cities, with better urban-rural linkages as parts of more sustainable local food systems. You can have a look at the dedicated website:


    Julien Custot

  10. Patrick Says:

    Many thanks for the really interesting talk. I just saw it on TED and I agree with your strong message at the end. I thought your presentation was superb.

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